• For dentists, Korus Dental is a full-service dental lab. Our skilled technicians fabricate titanium and noble metal cast crowns and bridges as well as Zirconia based crowns designed on our CAD/CAM equipment. Also, we provide guided surgery and digital treatment planning service. As a long time CAD/CAM users, Korus has extended its capability to the level of a Milling Center. We continue to work with our current dentists and look forward to working with even more dentists, dental laboratories, and dental schools among others.
  • For students or career changers, we provide education and training opportunities for the individuals who want to become dental technicians or open their own dental labs. Learn and gain practical skills from our technicians and be part of our team.
  • For dental laboratories, We provide milled products at wholesale prices such as full Zirconia crowns, Zirconia frameworks, Custom titanium and hybrid abutments, Surgical Guides, Screw retained crowns, Emax CAD, 3D printed models, Wax-up copies, and more. Contact us to discuss pricing at korusdentalsales.jc@gmail.com